ROC Systemtechnik GmbH Profile


ROC (Raiffeisenstraße 214, A-8041 GRAZ, Austria) offers individual experts providing the technical base and know how required for many traffic related and road safety projects, based on a long term and world wide experience in traffic and road safety, system and sensor design, software development, system integration and consulting for administrations.
ROC participated and supported many international R&D projects including elaboration of trends and visions, traffic management and safety, traffic data collection, incident and accident analysis, and control system design and management for traffic control

Engineering includes design, test system built up, integration of systems and software, data communication and data readout systems and central computer workstations. ROC is offering three basic cooperative columns:

This includes professional consulting, system analysis and evaluation, research and development, Hardware and Software design and system integration, communication and central systems: ROC Systemtechnik Graz continuous initial German company Rigobert Opitz Consulting & Engineering. The companies have been successful since many years in international projects. Main ROC Shareholder (100%) is Rigobert Opitz.

The individual experts will be specially selected and configured for the projects and its requests, Rigobert Opitz acts as senior manager and technical coordinator including the overall integration. ROC (Rigobert Opitz) coordinated very successfully also technically international 8 Million € ASSET project, focusing on integrated road safety, driver behavior analysis and monitoring, traffic control and innovative enforcement technologies. ROC is organized in a classical lean and efficient structure cooperating in a very flexible way.

Key ROC Skills & References

ROC offers highly skilled experts with a wide scope of long-term experience also in the technological fields of:
  • Professional Safety Consultancy for national, international and EC administrations
  • Definition of needs, objectives, system requirements and architectures
  • Technical assistance
  • Consulting for road safety agencies
  • Knowhow and experience in Enforcement technologies and systems
  • Cooperation with ministries and police administrations
  • PPP Project consulting, tendering, auditing
  • Communication technologies, Information processing including web based systems
  • Road safety systems, Traffic management and database systems
ROC generally operates as an independent engineering and consulting company in the domains of ITS, Traffic Safety systems, Incident and accident analysis, Data collection, Measurement and Control Systems, Weigh in Motion of HGV, Traffic Control and Enforcement, System provider, Tolling including PPP Schemes, innovative research & technology development and integrated system technologies.

Rigobert Opitz supported the EC European Commission in Brussels as expert and consultant since 2002 in over 60 contracts for evaluation of international R&D proposals and project reviews in traffic safety and traffic and communication technologies.

B – ROC General Consultant’s Experience

As international operating company we offer an interdisciplinary, international composed team of consultants, safety and technology experts (including system and administrative managers, programmers, GIS experts, design, installation and support specialists) fully covering the necessary experience and skills for the assignment including manifold local experience in many countries:
  • Consultancy skills and experience from Theory to Praxis for road safety
  • Management of complex and integrated safety projects and processes
  • Experts with Academic, Industrial and Practical Skills
  • Experts for Hardware and Software, Databases and web services
  • Experience in Human Factors and Behavior analysis
  • International Experience in traffic safety systems and control technologies
  • Local experience in many countries
  • Training and Education skills

Consultants Experience in EAC (Tanzania)

The participation of national experts are based on historical experience in cooperation and projects. Projects and international Cooperation:
  • International R&D project ASSET (road safety/infrastructure/ driver analysis)
  • Road Safety Strategy TZ 2010/2015
  • Abnormal Loads consulting TZ
  • ARC African Road Control PPP project preparation
Conferences and workshops in Tanzania:
  • Road safety Dar es Salaam 2006
  • ASSET Conference Arusha, 2009
  • Workshop Road Safety Strategy DAS 2010
Investigations and inspections in Tanzania:
  • Driver behavior analysis Weigh station inspection
  • Road Infrastructure investigation