Independent Consulting & Engineering Company

ROC is an independent consulting and engineering company. The wide scope of performances in international consulting and engineering and further supplies can be offered out of 30 years experiences and operation in industrial design, international project management, tendering, testing and supervision world wide. The knowledge concerning modern technologies is the result of diverse research and installation/supervision projects. The skills and multiple performances cover:

Knowledge Domain:

  • System technology and engineering 
  • Project management performance 
  • Sensor Design and Signal Processing (WIM, Force Measurement, Shear beam) 
  • Enforcement System Design 
  • Tolling Systems Consultancy 
  • Consulting and support for public administrations and industry 

Core References:

  • Over 30 years experiences in Traffic systems with projects for industry and administrations
  • Evaluation of proposals and Review of R&D projects (over 50 times) for the European Commission
  • Profound experience in Road protection and WIM, Supervision and Enforcement and Tolling

Performances and Skills:

  • ITS & ATMS Advanced Traffic Management and Data Collection Systems, Overload Control Stations
  • Traffic System Engineering, Safety Systems and Road Infrastructure Protection
  • WIM Weigh in Motion Technologies and Vehicle Overload Control Systems
  • ETC ElectronicTolling Consultancy
  • Traffic Control and Enforcement Systems
  • Independent Evaluator of Proposals and Reviewer of R&D Projects for the European Commission (DG INFSO & DG RTD)


The key issues of the wide scope of performances in consulting and engineering are:

Definition of objectives and related requirements for systems, elaboration of tender documents, support for creating standards and guidelines including final agreements, preparation of technology- and system studies, R&D support, project management and reporting, AutoCAD/CDR drawings for installations and infrastructure, elaboration of reports and technical documentation, system evaluation as base for decisions, computerised cost benefit analysis, system acceptance and approval for traffic management systems, support for technical expert groups and international projects, elaboration of material for presentation and reports, marketing support and production of Internet web sites, support during preparation and execution of conferences.


Expertise And Experience (Main Business)

Traffic Management And Control Technologies

Traffic is the lifeblood of the nations economy. Efficiency and performance of traffic management systems depend on clear and relevant objectives. System architecture, technology, equipment, installation and operation have to be defined and selected and integrated in the right way. Engineering and project management must be executed professional. We are on the way to introduce the intelligent and online controlled highway using modern high-tech data communication technologies. We offer support in defining objectives and elaborating specifications, evaluation of systems, design and engineering, project management and system acceptance.

New Generation Of Weigh In Motion (Wim) Technologies

The idea to build a WIM matrix network consisting of highly precise, stable and cooperative mini weight measurement points for better data quality (including dynamic heavy vehicle overload enforcement). This implied the necessity to process up to 278 measurement points per WIM sensor (plate version) in real-time. The analysed and selected external measurement sample rate for truck speeds up to 120km/h was set at 2000 Hz, which is at least 5 times higher than used in current bending plate WIM with the inherent problem to get the global maximum peak value. This requirement results in a smart sensor (mini shear beam) with an in-sensor A/D signal conversion by special ASICs and the use of new RISC processors directly embedded in the sensor.

Information Technologies

Modern traffic systems require and live from information for monitoring and control. Information pre-processing, data and signal transmission, video processing, recording and transmission, local and wide area communication networks, topologies of transmission subsystems and processing nodes, data base systems and interfacing are important for optimised systems. We help to generate concepts, layouts and specifications for traffic communication systems, support work during design, selection of the right products and companies, detail project planning, prepare documentation and installation plans and co-operate with different contractors during the project execution phase.

System Engineering

Nothing works without proper engineering. Traffic systems e.g. have to operate on road side conditions during day and night under all weather conditions. Efficiency and performance of traffic management systems depend on professional engineering in soft- and hardware. System architecture, technology selection, equipment choice, installation and operation have to be defined and selected and integrated in the right way. We offer support in defining strategic and technical objectives and elaborating specifications, evaluation of systems, design and engineering, project management and system acceptance. Documentation can be provided using AutoCAD/ CDR software tools.

Management And Evaluation

Decision making is the key factor for success. Evaluation is the way to prepare right decisions in a conscious way. We can provide support based on experience. Software and a simulation program is in process to support authorities, companies and road operators for making their decisions. This will help comparing, selecting, buying and implementing traffic systems in a neutral, calculated, re-producible and documented way. Decisions can be examined and reasoned later without any problems. We prepare and support the evaluation engineering.

Tolling Technologies And Consulting

System analysis and consulting for tolling systems focussed on ETC Electronic Tolling Systems, including:
Technology Studies of ETC systems and in depth technology analysis. Comparison of IR and MW communication systems. Investigation of international ETC tenders and analysis of different case studies.
Analysis and specification of technical and operational requirements for tenders. ETC system cost analysis and investigations with cost specific simulators. Validation and supervision concept for ETC implementation. Bid analysis and evaluation. ETC test supervision as main senior auditor for transaction, enforcement and classification tests and performance analysis.